Woolen Embroidery Stoles

Woollen Embroidered Stoles

We at Bhat brothers manufactures the best quality finest Pashmina woolen shawls and scarves in India. We procure the best quality pashmina wool from the Changthang plateau of Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir Pashmina wool is obtained by Changra (Pashmina) goat of Ladakh. The Chegu breed of goats are reared in Ladakh. You can also find Pashmina goats in the minor extent of other areas of Leh, Zanskar and Lahoul- Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. There are more than 2,50,000 Pashmina Goats in Ladakh. These goats in Kashmir produces finest quality of Pashmina wool. It is estimated that the in Leh district of Ladakh region produces approximately 40 to 50 Ton of of best quality raw Pashmina every year. This is less than 1% of the total world Pashmina production. The best quality Pashmina fiber production has remained almost constant during the last 5 years in India. Total number of Pashmina goats population of the whole Ladakh region is also very small. Kashmir region has potential to produce a reasonably good quantity of fine Pashmina wool.

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Bhat Brothers have been into Pashmina stoles weaving since 125 years. we are known for our modern designs and trendy colors of Pashmina stoles in India. We follow with latest fashion trends and create newer modish designs and trends in the traditional Pashmina stoles weaving in kashmir.

Bhat Brothers New Delhi is one of the credible Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of best quality Pashmina wool Stoles from Kashmir India. We manufacture Pashmina Stoles from best quality of pashmina wool obtained from the pashmina Goats in Laddakh and Kashmir. These Hand wooven Pashmina Stoles are very soft, fine and light in weight. Our Pashmina Stoles are available in different types ofhand embroideries like Aari, Sozni & Zari Work etc.

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