Pashmina Sozni Shawls

Charcoal Black kani Pashmina Floral shawl

This Charcoal Black colour kani shawl with Floral design has bold Striped dense border gives rich and beautiful look. This beautiful Floral and leafy patterns design on a Charcoal Black colour pashmina background. This is a classic Kani pashmina shawl with stripped border is hand woven by an expert artisan. This shawl is soft, warm, and royal-looking, so today's craftsman is a real pride. This shawl gives a glamorous look to the wearer and makes the moments special and memorable

Handwoven in Kashmir

100% Grade A Cashmere

Guaranteed Authenticity

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping

100 X 203 CMS or 40 X 80 INCHES
100% Pure Pashmina
PROCESS of Making
Kani weave cashmere Pashmina is one of the oldest handicrafts, originating from Kashmir
12 months

Please note the actual Pashmina fabric colors may vary due to differences in pictures displayed online and actual make. The color shown in pictures is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Pashmina shawls.

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