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Pashmina Cream Sozni Border Shawl

The beautifully designed patterns, textures and colors are most famous in Kashmir, India. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl is hand woven. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl is made from the finest wool to give a great luxurious look and exceptionally elegant fall. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl has four sided border design and light embroidery. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl are breathable, skin friendly and all natural. Fine wool gives smooth texture and feels rich and soft to the touch. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl are designed by our expert craftsmen who use amazing fingers with the help of needle. Cream colour Sozni Border Shawl are available in 100% unique color and each design of pashmina Sozni Shawl is handmade.

This cream color Sozni embroidery border cashmere shawl is a type of shawl that is made from soft cashmere wool and is decorated with a cream color Sozni embroidery pattern along the border. Sozni embroidery is a traditional needlework technique from Kashmir, India, and is known for its intricate and detailed designs. A cashmere shawl is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be worn in a variety of ways, providing both warmth and elegance.

100 X 203 CMS or 40 X 80 INCHES

100% Pure Pashmina

PROCESS of Making
Pashmina Handloom, Sozni Hand Embroidery, Made in Kashmir, India

1-1/2 months

Actual Pashmina fabric colors may vary due to differences in images displayed online and actual textures. The color shown in the pictures is as close as possible to the actual colors of the pashmina shawls. This pashmina shawl can be washed by handwash or dry cleaning methods.

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