Pashmina Sozni Shawls

Pashmina Sozni Shawls Pure Pashmina Needle Work Hashi Dar Shawl

Blackish Maroon Pashmina Sozni Jama

Handwoven Kashmir Blackish Maroon Pashmina Sozni shawl & hand embroidered with paisley all over in shades. This Blackish Maroon handwoven pashmina Sozni Shawl is hand emroidery will keep you warm & fashionable in these winters. This Blackish Maroon colour pashmina sozni shawl will keep you warm while also complementing your party clothing. This Blackish Maroon Kashmir Sozni Shawl goes well with a saree, kurta, jumpsuit, or one-piece and csual clothes.

Our Kashmiri Blackish Maroon Pashmina Sozni Jama is handwoven, is covered with patern of Kashmiri jama which transforms the downy base into something exotic wrap for woman. Our Blackish Maroon Pure Sozni Jama with formal winter ensembles. Please note that This product has been Photographed in studio lights & there may be a variance with actual colors. Our Sozni Jama is handwoven & there might be slight unevenness in the weave.

100 X 203 CMS or 40 X 80 INCHES

100% Pure Pashmina

PROCESS of Making
Pashmina Handloom, Sozni Hand Embroidery, Made in Kashmir, India

26 months

Actual Pashmina fabric colors may vary due to differences in images displayed online and actual textures. The color shown in the pictures is as close as possible to the actual colors of the pashmina shawls. This pashmina shawl can be washed by handwash or dry cleaning methods.

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