Authentic Kashmiri Pashmina Stoles

Multi Color Stripes pashmina stole

A lovely Khadi pattern can be seen on the handwoven pashmina stole. You look lovely pattern and texture. 100% smooth, breathable and warm pashmina fabric makes up the cashmere stole. You'll feel cozy and comfortable wearing this multifunctional stole. It is extremely soft and light weight enough to use during the day and night in the summer but will keep you warm even during the cold winter days and nights.

A Lovely pattern pashmina scarf is made from highest quality Cashmere Pashmina. Hand woven by using traditional kanis and techniques by weavers in Kashmir. Our stoles are made in limited batches. This scarf is unique derivation of the best craftsmanship and quality from the place that gave its name to the finest wool in the world, “Cashmere”.

Multi Colour Stripe pattern pure Pashmina Stole. Handcrafted in pure pashmina threads, this stole has hand made with 100% Grade A Cashmere. Guaranteed Authenticity

Handwoven in Kashmir

100% Grade A Cashmere

Guaranteed Authenticity

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping

71 X 203 CMS or 28 X 80 INCHES
100% Pure Pashmina
PROCESS of Making
Kani weave cashmere Pashmina is one of the oldest handicrafts, originating from Kashmir.
10 days

Please note the actual Pashmina fabric colors may vary due to differences in pictures displayed online and actual make. The color shown in pictures is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Pashmina shawls.

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